The family takes the dog to the vet for humiliation, as "they no longer want to take care of it"

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The family takes the dog to the vet for humiliation, as "they no longer want to take care of it"

A 34-year-old woman named Melissa was able to make her dreams come true and start rescuing, Old Dog Home, in her 11-acre territory in Conyers, Georgia. She always wanted to find a place that would give older unwanted dogs a second chance at life.

And when he found out about Holly through the veterinary partner of his business, he had to pick her up, although the house was crowded. The man brought the old dog to the slaughter, because "he no longer wanted to take care of it," and the veterinarian refused to leave the cute dog.

Holly was 10 to 12 years old and she was very friendly, she had a lot of life. Its original owner passed away and she was moved from house to house until she finally settled with her current family

And they no longer wanted her, because they already had two other dogs, and they claimed that Holly would urinate on the ground. Grandchildren were not interested in her either.

“I don’t like to tease children, but the granddaughter looked at me and shrugged:“ We just don’t like it. We like our other dogs. “Meanwhile, the dog stood there wagging, wagging and wagging its tail,” said Melissa.

Holly is generally in good shape, but still a little scared and confused in life. She recently learned to relax a bit while Melissa wrapped her in blankets to snuggle often. The dog receives the love that it deserves.

When Holly is completely healed, both physically and mentally, Melissa will help her find an eternal home where she will pamper for the rest of her life. For Melissa, the dream continues, as in her rescue another place opens for the rescue of another elderly dog ​​in need.

h/t PawMygosh

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