Male cat surprisingly becomes a happy father figure to 7 baby chihuahuas

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Male cat surprisingly becomes a happy father figure to 7 baby chihuahuas

We have been accustomed to seeing accounts of how a mother feline or a mother hound elected to be the mama to a completely unique sort of child creature, and we infer that it is most likely due to the 'maternal senses' of these for guardians. We interface the awesome bond shaped with the capacity of all mother creatures to deal with anything delicate or powerless — maybe it is their tendency.

Be that as it may, this story is much more exceptional than those you have perused. These five charming child Chihuahuas in Bangkok, Thailand named Yuta, Hana, Nami, Mocha, and Kuma have been overwhelming the online world due to their far-fetched watchman.

These charming infants, together with their Chihuahua guardians all live in congruity with the consideration of their human mother, with the assistance of one exceptional hand — Ritchie. What's more, he's a feline. Indeed. A male feline.

The white and dim feline named Ritchie goes about as the father, or the dad figure to these little ones.

It’s totally unusual, knowing that male cats are not into taking care of little ones, and it also seems like he has picked the apple of his eyes, the tiniest in the group, Kuma.

Wherever Ritchie goes, you will definitely see Kuma following the daddy cat.

… and taking care of him bed to rest. Awww. I can hear him singing a children's song for Kuma!

During nap time, Ritchie knows his duty too well to provide a soft and comfy space for his baby Chihuahuas. Surely, this daddy cat loves his adopted little ones so much! Such a cute family!

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