Loyal Service Dog Refuses To Leave Mom’s Hospital Room After Saving Her Life

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Loyal Service Dog Refuses To Leave Mom’s Hospital Room After Saving Her Life

The goal was to have Ruby serve as a support dog to aid her overcome anxiety, depression and agoraphobia when Shauna Darcy first took Ruby home. At the very beginning Ruby was an incredible support dog and friend — and soon showed Darcy how much she would go to help her.

Shauna adopted a cute service called Ruby by the name of Pitbull and at first sight, it was love. When in service dog school, the two immediately bonded. But that wasn't the only thing that happened during their workout. Shauna found her doggo is picking up on her heart rate adjustments. Each time her owner's heart rate shifted, Ruby would "act funny," pawing at her and trying to catch her attention.

Shauna wasn't following the warnings of her husband, and went to see a veterinarian. She had been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos vascular syndrome, a rare, life-threatening heart disease. The diligent pooch, who suspected something was wrong with her mother, had yet another responsibility long before she did. Ruby was no longer just a support dog to help Shauna with her panic attacks, she was now responsible for controlling her heart rate.

Shauna said Ruby would climb on her if she fainted as a result of her illness and put pressure on her chest and kiss her face and hands before she returned and consciousness. Nevertheless, Ruby's courage has not stopped there.

Ruby has started acting strange after a few months of getting the doggo, trying to warn Shauna that something was wrong. Shauna chose to trust her doggo, and called an ambulance, despite feeling completely fine. Shauna had been in extreme pain and on the verge of losing consciousness by the time the medics arrived at her house.

Ruby did not let Shauna get into the ambulance alone, so she came to the hospital with her, where she refused to leave her bedside. Once Shauna recovered she showered her dog with countless amounts of affection, realizing that without her she would not have survived.

Source: goanimals

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