Husband and Wife Were Born 4 Days Apart, They Celebrate Together Their 100th Birthdays

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Husband and Wife Were Born 4 Days Apart, They Celebrate Together Their 100th Birthdays

A couple from Savannah, Georgia, just celebrated their birthday.

Not only one of them had a birthday, but both of them. Surprisingly, a man and his wife were born just four days apart, but that’s not entirely surprising. They both celebrate their 100th anniversary. Incredibly, Billy and Nellie Jones have been married for almost 80 years and share a life and love that many of those around them cannot even imagine.

Many of us who read this will consider ourselves happy if we live to be 80, and even more so if we have been married to someone for so many years.

The couple’s daughter-in-law, Anne Jones, may have said it best: “100 years of love, honor, and character have taught us.” In fact, 80 years is a long time to love the same person. Imagine: these two got married at the age of 20, so they enjoyed their youth and even teenagers together.

They then had children and watched each other grow into adulthood and eventually middle age. Then, finally, they enjoyed life together, gracefully becoming seniors. They probably never dreamed that the two of them would turn 100 together.

Here’s the story of how they met, and they love telling it. “She was practicing for a play at Savannah High School on Washington Avenue,” said Billy Jones. “A friend of mine waved at her and spoke to her. I said, ‘who is that?’ He said, ‘that’s Nellie. She’s in my class, would you like to meet her?’ He turned the car around, took me back, and introduced me to Nellie.” They’ve lived in the same home for 61 years, but they’ve not changed, they say.

It is quite rare to be 100 years old, but it is extremely rare to see a married couple in which both people reach 100 years of age. When they were celebrating their birthdays, people shouted, “Happy Birthday!” There was immense joy in the air. birthday boy and girl on their bikes, cars, and even golf carts at the birthday parade.

The two have always had a joint birthday celebration, the family says, and this year looks a bit different, and was a surprise to the couple. “For somebody to do all of this work for me, I’m just speechless,” said Nellie Jones. As their family and loved ones drove by to wish them well-wishes, the couple waved at all of them. Some people even came with gifts.

“They love people and have always been very generous,” Anne said. Their advice and key to a long life are to work hard and always follow the Lord. “Go to church, love the Lord,” Billy says. “He’s the one taking care of us. ” Nellie adds that they try to do what the Lord wants them to do.

Watch the video of their celebration on their church’s

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