Golden Retriever Loves Giving People Hugs On Her Daily Walks

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Golden Retriever Loves Giving People Hugs On Her Daily Walks

The dog's trainer, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, feels like the world's luckiest guy for getting Louboutina. Each time he goes out for a walk, Louboutina ends up stopping to hug any person who crosses its course.

Cesar says the walks are taking hours and they're barely walking! It is more of a ride hugging than a walk. He loves the fact that his dog is so receptive and affectionate to everyone, and hopes she will remain that way.

The gentle canine, just loves human beings and is not afraid to prove it! She charges herself with bliss by giving them a tall, heart-warming embrace. She was dubbed 'The Loving Girl' and every single day lives up to it.

Dogs are still content, and lovingly loaded. Any dog owner would accept that our best friends are the principal thing dogs want to be in their lives. Some of them just can not stop showing off their love 24/7.

One of these pups is Louboutina, an adorable Golden Retriever – a well-oiled loving tool. She likes to hug people, and to show them her caring nature.

Louboutina's father states this amazing hugging obsession is something she has built all by herself. It began on Valentine's Day in 2014 when the caring pooch began to hug everyone with joy, only because she likes to give people affection and brighten up their days.

Source: goanimals

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