Garbage collector happily went to surprise lonely elderly woman with a 100th birthday cake

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Garbage collector happily went to surprise lonely elderly woman with a 100th birthday cake

This elderly woman just received the sweetest surprise from her favorite garbage collector turned friend for her 100th birthday.

In a clip that has been going around the internet for the past few days and melting people’s hearts, garbage man Ben Bird is seen walking up a garden path with a pink and white birthday cake in hand.

The cake was for his old buddy, Dorothy Ballard – otherwise called Mercy to loved ones – who turned a hundred years of age that day!

Ben showed been gathering Mercy's trash for a long time, and through his week after week visits, the two came to build up an improbable kinship. They talk each thursdays for around 10 minutes – from 8:00 am to 8:10 am – which is the hour of Ben's visits. Through these concise discussions, the pair had the option to discuss everything, from family to innovation.

Ben made a guarantee to Mercy that on the off chance that she arrived at a hundred years of age, he would appear at her doorstep with a birthday cake. Benevolence kept her finish of the deal, so Ben enlisted two of his mates to amaze Mercy and commend this achievement with her.

In a video that has been circumventing on the web since Katy Smith – Mercy's second-most established granddaughter – posted it, Ben can be seen strolling up her nursery way and holding up by the entryway with a cake. At the point when she at long last opened the entryway, the men began singing her a glad birthday, and Mercy can be seen covering her face in her grasp – she was plainly contacted and shocked!

Benevolence at that point smothered her candles and Ben advised her to make a desire, recommending that it be living to be 105.

Mercy says she's cheerful that there are despite everything individuals like Ben out there who regard old individuals that much. With respect to him, he says he's glad to be her closest companion and wants for her to contact her 105th birthday celebration so he can shock her once more.

Beautiful Mercy, be that as it may, accepts that living for a century is all that anyone could need. She has seen such a great amount during her lifetime and we can gain so much from this enchanting and astute older woman.

Investigate their meeting in the video underneath and ensure you share it with your companions.

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