A Street Cat Took Food Only If She Was In The Bag,They Followed Her To Find Out

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A Street Cat Took Food Only If She Was In The Bag,They Followed Her To Find Out

This is a love story about a cat named Dongsuk, a woman who has known her for a long time.

The woman has been feeding cats for over 5 years, but she insists that she has never met cats like Dongsuk. The reason was that Dunsuk never ate the food he received, something must be a takeaway! Dongsuk rejected or ignored the food on the plate, but gladly accepted it if it was already packed to speed up!

But the woman’s curiosity about Donsuki’s strange behavior continued. Therefore, every time a woman starts cooking for local stray cats, she always checks to see if she packed the food bag in a plastic bag, especially for Dongsuk.

But why did Dunsuk openly refuse food, but accepted it with pleasure? The woman decided to find out when she once followed in the footsteps of Dunsuk. To her surprise, the woman found out that Dongsuk had gave the food for his little kitten! the food to his little kitten!

Dongsuk recently had five kittens, but unfortunately only one kitten survived. Everyone else was dead. The kitten was all in Dongsuk and she took care of her little ones

Dongsuk opened the food bag just to get her kitten to taste first. She won't start eating her leftovers until her kitten is ready.

The benevolent and maternal nature of Dongsuk touched a woman's heart and she decided to help the cat couple.

Watch Dongsuk’s story below!


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